Saturday, 10 November 2007

Our New Garden

We've just had our garden changed to make it child friendly and low maintenance. All poisonous, thorny or unidentified plants have been removed and the lawn levelled and re-turfed.
The decking at the far end now has a fence to stop Harvey driving backwards off it! And there is a new slide down onto a rubberised area.
The decking at the house-end has been completely replaced with a new, larger area for our table and chairs, an enclosed fence, storage underneath and fancy lighting set into the floor!

The Guinea Pigs also get a new "high rise home" with legs on their hutch!

The yard has been repaved with a very similar block paving (bordered using the original paving stones).

The flower bed along the fence opposite the back door has been removed leaving 3 small beds for the climbing plants. We're aiming to use the barrel planter (seen here outside the back door) as a herb garden.

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