Thursday 31 August 2006

August 2006

I went to my Grandad Fred's wedding on 5th August.

Here's a picture of me with my
Great-Grandmother Joan.

I went camping in Weymouth for a week with Harvey and Grandad Fred.

Wednesday 16 August 2006

I'm Alive!!

My Mum discovered she was pregnant 2 weeks ago. A week ago she started feeling sick and this has steadily got worse. This morning she went to the doctors and because of her previous history with a partial molar pregnancy together with the sickness and pain, she was sent to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit at Birmingham Women's Hospital for a scan.

The scan revealed that everything is fine at this stage. My Mum and Dad clearly saw the yolk sack and a beating heart in the foetus. The foetus was measured at 5.4mm which equates to 6 weeks and 2 days old. The hospital gave my Mum some tablets to stop her feeling sick - they really knock her out!